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Chin State

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Chin State is situated at the western part of Myanmar bordering with India, being covered by mountains. Mountains are higher and slop more than Shan hills. In Chin State, there have several minorities and differs as Northern Chin and Southern Chin. In Northern Chin State, there will be a heart-shaped lake called “Reh” which is very beautiful places. In Southern Chin State, Mt. Victoria, 3053 meter high is one of the most impressive sites of the area. In addition, you can visit other villages of Mindat Township and Kanpetlet Township which can experience their life and customs. Moreover, there are other interested Chin ladies with tattooed face is one of the most unique feature of the Chin’s Culture. Every New Year, Chin festival is held annually by waxing moon of the month May.  Their festival welcoming New Year and farewell to the old year by making a dance. Everyone, is performed wishing new life with new vitality and happiness. Nowadays, Chin State become an interesting tourist site and adventurous journey because this is the best place for hiking to nearby villages to see the village life experience and bird watching.